Creation of Alternatives to Migration through Socio-economic Development, Sensitization and Conflict Prevention in Borno State

The 21-month project is jointly implemented by Likeminds Project, ActionAid Nigeria and ActionAid Italy with funding from the Italian Ministry of Interior.

The project aims to reduce the vulnerability of 1500 youth to poverty, conflict and human trafficking, through the provision of income and job alternatives, transparent information on the migration process and conflict prevention skills. The overarching goal is to contribute to the creation of socio-economic conditions to make the choice of the Nigerian population to migrate informed and voluntary instead of forced by economic and security causes.

Expected results include

  • Provision of sustainable income alternatives
  • Improved knowledge and information on the risks and opportunities related to the migratory processes, and in particular to irregular migration
  • Implementation of conflict prevention and management tools in the areas affected by armed clashes

Following a thorough selection process, implementation began in September 2017. Step down training on trades and skills such as Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Skills Acquisition and Productive Activities, and Farming and Agricultural Chain concluded in June 2018.

In all, a total of 620 males and 880 females have so far been trained across 7 skill areas and 38 cooperative groups with over 50% of beneficiaries between the ages of 15 and 25.

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