Our Vision A World in which every able person contributes towards building a peaceful, equitable and just society

Children Playing
Established in 2006 as an informal social network, we have grown into a volunteer-run, non-profit that supports vulnerable communities and builds capacity for self-sustenance. As a registered non-profit since 2008, we have worked on the ground in conflict areas in Nigeria providing relief materials, humanitarian assistance and capacity building with support from local, regional and international organisations like the Aliko Dangote Foundation, ActionAid, Orbus and the Italian Ministry of Interior.

Our Mission To nurture a culture of volunteerism and service by providing a platform where every individual can contribute within their communities and beyond

Our Core Values

Our values are built on pillars of RESPECT (Responsibility, Empathy. Social Consciousness. Peaceful Co-Existence. Empowerment. Community Development. and Trust.